2017 Breeding Season Has Kicked Off

Posted by James Bowers on

The 2017 Breeding season is under way here at NiceRhac.  All Crested Geckos have been paired up.  I have several geckos I have either purchased as babies or produced myself that I have been waiting for two years to be ready to breed, and I'm very excited to see what they produce.  

I'll have Malaysian Cat Geckos pairing up here this Spring too.  This will be my first time breeding this species and I'm very excited.  I purchased a 5.7 group from an importer late last summer.  They have been a lot of fun to work with so far and are definitely a less is more species when it comes to husbandry.  I use no heating or light sources and mist once daily with distilled water.  I feed crickets twice a week and dust with a D3 Powder one feeding every other week.  

I hope everyone has a successful breeding season and keep checking the site for new products available.  I'll definitely be expanding on diets and gecko related husbandry products.  

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