What's An Acceptable Size Enclosure for a Crested Gecko?

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What size enclosure is the minimally acceptable size for a Crested Gecko is a topic of debate. Some believe smaller dimensions are ok and other's believe larger dimensions ar a must. Today I'm going to cover this topic and give my thoughts and opinion on the matter. I believe in a good, better, best approach when discussing Crested Gecko Enclosures for single adults. 


A 10x10x16 or 12x12x18 enclosure is acceptable for a single Crested Gecko. These enclosures give just enough floor space for the gecko and adequate height for the gecko to jump and explore its enclosure. These cages are also great for gecko keepers who are on a budget when it comes to available space. 


A better choice for a Crested Gecko would be a 18x18x18 enclosure. This size enclosure gives more floor space for the gecko and they will take full advantage of the extra space to explore and jump from perch to perch.  


The best choice is going to be one that gives adequate floor space and height.  So an enclosure with approximate dimensions of 18x18x24 or 18x18x36 is going to be the best choice of enclosure for a Crested Gecko that is most commonly available commercially. 

Other great options to use are Sterlite tubs or standard aquariums stood on their end with a conversion kit. Tubs typically have more length and width to them and can either be used as they are or stood on their end to give more height to the enclosure. Conversion kits allow gecko hobbyists to use existing long terrariums in an arboreal setup. 


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