Leapin Leachies Crested Gecko Diet Review

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With more and more diets coming onto the market as Crested Geckos, and other members and former members of the genus Rhacodactylus become increasingly popular in the reptile hobby, hobbyists have more choices than ever when it comes to which gecko diet they feed. It can be an overwhelming task deciding which diet to try when your geckos may snub their nose at your choice and you end up with an insect gutload on your hands instead of a new gecko diet to add to your feeding rotation.

Leapin Leachies has launched their own line of gecko diets. They have formulas for Leachianus geckos, Leachie Linguine and Leachie Lasagna. These diets are specifically formulated for Leachies with Leachie Linguine being a staple diet and Leachie Lasagna being a winter formula with less protein for a cool down period after breeding.  They also have a diet specific for Miniarogecko chahoua, Chewie Fettuccine. Chewie Fettuccine has a higher calcium content as Chewies tend to calcium crash after laying a few clutches.  The last diet, and the one we currently carry and feed here at NiceRhac.com, Rhaco Risotto. This diet is formulated for Crested, Gargoyle, Rough Snout, and Sarasinorum geckos. 

Crested Geckos are the bread and butter here at NiceRhac.com. I've been keeping and breeding them for almost 15 years now. Leapin Leachies Rhaco Risotto was a hit with my Crested Geckos. My breeders licked their bowls clean and flipped them trying to lick the lasts drops out. I don't notice it with my adults as they clean their bowls of it, but for my juveniles that don't eat as much diet, I definitely notice that it spoils by the next evening from the previous night's feeding so it does need to be replaced daily. It's a very palatable diet and I have no doubt that the guys at Leapin Leachies have spent a lot of time formulating this to be a complete diet as they feed it to their own animals. I'm a long time Repashy feeder and in recent years I have added Pangea and Black Panther Zoological diets into my feeding rotations as well. Pangea is by far the most popular diet on the market currently due largely to its palatability in addition to its nutritional value for geckos. Leapin Leachies Rhaco Risotto is a strong challenger to Pangea in terms of palatability.  All and all it's a great gecko diet that I highly recommend anyone keeping New Caledonian Geckos try. If I had two to three breeding seasons feeding this diet Rhaco Risotto would probably be one of the main sources of diet for my Crested Geckos right alongside Repashy and Pangea. 


Insect based protein

Highly Palatable

Good Crude Protein and Fat Minimums for breeding

Developed by authorities on the genus Rhacodactylus for feeding their own collection


Needs to be replaced after 24 hours 

Relatively new

Rhaco Risotto Ingredients and Guaranteed Analysis: 

ingredients: insect meal, brown rice flour, dried honey, dried banana, dried mango, calcium carbonate, apple pectin, bee pollen, xanthan gum, spirulina algae, kelp meal, probiotic blend (Bifidobacterium bifido and Pediococcus acidilactici), calcium citrate, natural banana flavor, potassium sorbate, choline citrate, vitamin e, vitamin a, niacin, inositol, pantothenic acid, beta carotene, riboflavin, cholecalciferol, thiamine mononitrate, pyroxidine hcl, folic acid, menadione sodium bisulfite, biotin, vitamin b12.

Guaranteed analysis: Crude Protein (Min): 23 %, Crude Fat (Min): 6.0 %, Crude Fiber (Max): 5.0 %, Moisture (Max): 8.0 %, Ash (Max): 6.0 %, Calcium: 1.5%, Phosphorus: 0.5 %

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