Friday, September 25th, 2015

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The breeding season has come to a close here at  The last of my males still paired with breeding groups have been removed to their bachelor quarters for the winter.  With the 2015 breeding season over with I will be focusing more on keeping geckos listed for sale with current weights and photos.  The first photo and weight updates have taken place today on several geckos listed on the site.  

To make NiceRhac more competitive with shipping I have lowered my shipping price to a flat rate of $39.99.  So not only do I now, have the hands down, best logistics for getting geckos anywhere in the US, the price is now competitive with the shipping costs offered by third party shippers.  Shipping directly from the Louisville based UPS Worldport has gone just as expected. 100% of my gecko shipments have arrived safely without any delays or shipping exceptions as I am shipping from the main sort facility for all overnight and international orders.  Speaking of international orders I am obtaining my import/export license for wildlife.  The UPS Worldport is the point of origination of all international shipments.  Very soon I will be able to ship geckos to customers overseas.  I plan on opening up shipping to Canada first.  

I will be closing out 2015 by vending at the next three Indiana Reptile Breeders Expos in Clarksville, IN.  I'm currently working on my 2016 Repticon schedule. I hope everyone had an awesome season this year and look forward to seeing everyone at the shows as I expand the number of shows I vend at.   

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