Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Shipping Schedule

Posted by James Bowers on

I am counting down to the biggest selling days of the Holiday season.  Geckos are currently 50% off and shipping is a flat rate of $39.99.  I have about 20 plus 3-4 gram hatchlings I need to get posted up as well.  I would keep an eye out for them over the next seven days.  

Shipping will be open as of now until December 3rd. That is a tentative date.  It looks like weather isn't going to be an issue on my end.   The biggest issue will be the large volume of holiday packages that can cause orders to be severely delayed or lost.  I plan on resuming shipping February 1st, 2016.  Depending on weather, that could be changed to an earlier or later date.  

As always, I can be contacted at with any questions you have.  Be sure to follow me on Facebook at  

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