01/10/2016-Free Shipping and Weather Updates

Posted by James Bowers on

2016 is upon us.  We had our first snow of the year here in Louisville today.  Temps are currently in the high teens but should be back up to the 50's by the week's end.  I'm still tentatively holding off on shipping until February 1st, but I may ship earlier or later depending on destination temps and the temps here in Louisville.  

Shipping is free right now through March 31st.  All geckos ship direct from the UPS Worldport here in Louisville, KY via UPS Next Day Air.  My geographical location gives me an advantage in that shipping UPS from here in Louisville allows me to ship direct from the main UPS sort facility for all overnight and international packages.  What that means for you is that your gecko has no other stops between here and your location making delayed deliveries almost impossible.  

Contact me at sales@nicerhac.com and be sure to follow me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/nicerhac . 

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